VX Protect

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As a proud owner of a Vauxhall vehicle, you’ll no doubt want to keep it looking its very best for many years to come. If this is the case, VX Protect is the perfect solution.

VX Protect is a high-quality polymer sealant that creates an invisible layer on top of a vehicle’s paintwork. Once applied, we then provide a full polish, resulting in a first-class sheen.

However, VX Protect isn’t just a cosmetic application. It also guards against dirt, grime, atmospheric pollutants and prolonged ultraviolet exposure – all of which can cause long-term damage to untreated paintwork.

What’s more, we apply VX Protect to fabric seats and carpets, thus prolonging their look and lifespan.

Protect your vehicle

Exterior and Interior

If you’ve just chosen a new vehicle, please let us know if you’d like it to benefit from VX Protect. Some of our Approved Used models can be treated too – so please be sure to enquire, whether you’ve purchased online or at our showroom.

Exterior Protection

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Keeping your vehicle looking its best.

VX Protect creates an invisible, highly effective layer that seals in your vehicle’s paintwork, guarding it against the accumulation of grime and pollutants, and prolonged exposure to harmful solar rays.

Once applied, your vehicle will retain its as-new lustre for a much longer period than if left untreated – all that remains for you to do is provide it with regular washes.

Interior Protection

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Don't cry over spilled milk, or chocolate, or mud.

There’s nothing worse than seats or carpets that are spoiled by drinks, smeared confectionary, mud and who knows what. Accidents happen – but once VX Protect is applied, your fabric seats and carpets will benefit from an invisible, resin-based layer that guards against all kinds of blemishing. Once applied, any subsequent staining can be removed by using a gentle cleaning solution, ensuring your upholstery looks as good as new.

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To learn more about how VX Protect can benefit your vehicle, please contact the Bellinger Isuzu team today.