New Electric Corsa

Vauxhall Plugs In To The World Of Electric Motoring

How often do we see the latest fad quickly becoming the norm? From fashion to technology, what once seemed fanciful is now available to all. When it comes to the automotive industry, electric vehicles are more than just a passing trend. Vauxhall plan to bring affordable electric vehicles to everyone, and you don't have long to wait.

Embracing the future through low and zero emissions motoring? Sounds good to us. So, while it may not be hover cars in the style of sci-fi movies, it sure is a start. And, with Vauxhall set to launch four electrified vehicles by 2020, we cannot wait to provide motorists across Oxfordshire with a range of innovative options. The first models to be hitting the road - electric style - will be the Grandland X PHEV and the fully-electric new Corsa, as well as Vivaro Life and Vivaro Van options.

The first of these differs slightly from the rest in that it provides Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology, combining an electric motor with a standard combustion engine. Available to order later this year, it will continue to offer the same high standards as the regular Grandland X - namely practical SUV versatility.

The fifth-generation Corsa, meanwhile, will offer all-electric performance. No internal combustion engine, no exhaust emissions, but that same Corsa appeal. Simply plug in to the main outlet at home or at a public charging station, and Bob’s your uncle (as the saying goes). The same goes for the new Vivaro Life family van and the all-new Vivaro van. Who said that commercial motorists can’t be a part of the electric vehicle revolution?

It’s an electrifying time to be a part of the Vauxhall family, with these new models set to lead the way in affordable EV motoring. Plus, they’re just the start of the journey. Who know which models will soon follow? One thing’s for sure, however. We at Bellinger Vauxhall in Abingdon and Wantage will be on-hand to provide you with all the latest details.

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