VX Protect

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When you’re the proud owner of a Vauxhall, you want to ensure it not only looks great throughout its lifetime, but that it’s also protected against the build up of dirt, grime and pollutants. That’s where VX Protect comes in. Vehicles benefitting from the VX Protect treatment come with a warranty that guarantees they won’t suffer noticeable deterioration of the exterior gloss finish during ownership. The fabric seats and carpets are covered too, meaning you needn’t drive around with stains on your upholstery.

Protect your vehicle

Exterior and Interior

When you’re choosing your vehicle, simply let us know if you’d like to benefit from VX Protect. Some of our Approved Used models may also come covered, so be sure to enquire when purchasing at our showroom or buying online.

Exterior Protection

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Keeping your vehicle looking its best.

The VX Protect exterior treatment creates a high tech microfilm that bonds to your vehicle’s paintwork and prevents the accumulation of dirt. It also repels ultra-violet rays, pollution, and acid rain, meaning the high gloss finish it produces remains intact.

Unlike polish, there’s no eventual removal of a layer of paint to keep the car looking as good as new - all you have to do is wash it regularly.

Interior Protection

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Don't cry over spilled milk, or chocolate, or mud.

With VX Protect, keeping your interior clean and presentable is a breeze. Fabrics and carpets are shielded from spillages and dirt thanks to a resin based formula that coats individual fibres, preventing liquids and grime from penetrating the fabric, and causing staining. Simply remove any substances with a gentle cleaning solution and keep your upholstery looking as good as it did when you purchased your car.

Not only can seats and carpets be easily cleaned, the invisible barrier created by VX Protect also reduces friction between fibres, keeping materials looking fresh and prolonging their life.