Sell My Car in 3 Simple Steps

Free Valuation in Under 50 Seconds Thinking of selling your car in Oxfordshire? If so, allow us to provide you with a super-quick, obligation-free and competitive quote.

Three easy steps

With Bellinger, selling your car is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Step 1 - Vehicle Detail Simply input your car’s registration number and mileage.
    Step 2 - How to Contact You To provide you with your quote, we’ll require your basic contact information.
    Step 3 - Receive Valuation Once you’ve inputted your details, we’ll issue your valuation.

    Your valuation score explained

    The value of a car is dependent mainly on its condition. To make things simple, we’ve created the following categories.

    Gold A car that is in excellent condition and comes with a full service history and low mileage. If the vehicle is produced by a prestigious marque and has a high level of specification – all the better.
    Silver A vehicle that has had more than one previous owner and has quite few miles on the clock but is otherwise in good condition.
    Bronze A car that passes muster but has high mileage, had several owners and is due an MOT.


    Please check our frequently asked questions below if you have any queries.

    How much is my car worth?


    ​You can find out right now by using our free, no-obligation online valuation service. In under a minute, we’ll provide you with a fair and accurate quote based on current market data.

    How do I sell my car online?


    ​You begin by entering your vehicle’s registration number and mileage on our valuation page. We’ll require a few more car-based details plus your contact information. Then, in a matter of seconds, we’ll issue you with a fair and competitive quote.

    What is part exchange?


    It’s a way of securing an upgrade on an existing product. For instance, if you wish to sell your car, we’ll provide you with a valuation with which you can buy one of our high-quality used or brand-new Isuzu or Subaru vehicles.

    Can I part exchange a car on finance?


    Yes. We’ll simply subtract your car’s equity from that of the vehicle you wish to buy on finance, which means your monthly repayments will be even lower.

    How long is your car valuation valid for?


    Our online valuation is valid for 7 days, and is subject to an inspection. Assuming you’ve accurately described the condition of your car, the original valuation will stand.

    What information do I need to have my car valued?


    We just need a few basic details, including your car’s registration number, mileage, registration date, make, model, etc.​

    Do Subaru cars hold their value?


    ​Subaru has a very good reputation for reliability. For instance, well-established car review site Honest John places the brand at number three in its list of 10 most reliable car brands​.

    Do Isuzu cars hold their value?


    Yes. All Japanese car brands have a strong reputation for durability and reliability, and Isuzu is no exception.